About Us

What is Indian Chinese food?

Does it really need an introduction to Indians who crave for Chicken Lollipop, Chilli, Manchurian or Szechwan dishes?

This unique fusion of Chinese and Indian cuisine originated  in the early 1900s, when the Hakka Chinese migrated to India from Canton to escape the opium warfare and political issues mostly towards eastern India, and gravitating towards Kolkata (Calcutta) that hosts the largest Chinese Indian population in the country. When they were exposed to Indian cuisine, they borrowed many spices and concepts to incorporate in their own food and finally perfected the technique coined as Indian Chinese food.

Today we take pride in bringing you Indian Chinese food at “CHINA CHOWK “the same way it is served in many of Indian Chinese restaurants and food carts in cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and New Delhi.

Four friends who got together to bring this simple yet delightful and a charming little restaurant  right in the centre of Indian Square NJ have all a thorough knowledge of food and beverage and have been  in the industry for almost 2 decades or over.
Partners  Anil D’silva (Chef), Chad Leo, Prem Chouhan  hail from Mumbai where as Rajnish Chaudhury is a  Delhiite who always craved for Indian Chinese food and  could not satisfy their overwhelming  urge to indulge in eating out, thought of bringing satisfaction to scores of office goers and residents alike working, living and shopping in the most busiest part of Jersey City .

So here we are my friends CHINA CHOWK is your ultimate place for this simple yet time tested cuisine that keeps people craving for more …..